Ever wanted to try your hand at coding but not sure how to start? Does the sound of “generative art” pique your interest? This is your chance to easily learn coding while making cool art!

In this workshop we’ll teach you how to use simple code to create complex and beautiful patterns every time. These patterns can be used immediately on our lasercutter, which makes it a must-learn skill for anyone in our Maker community with an eye for detail! Learn from our local volunteer Maker champion Sarah how to code your way to a unique SVG design, ready to decorate your next lasercutting project! Or, make your pattern into a stamp and cut it out of vinyl! With generative art, the possibilities are endless…

For this workshop, no technical background is required, just bring your laptop to try out coding for yourself!

This workshop is powered by the Horizon 2020 project Pop-Machina.

Sign up soon before spots fill up!

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